Registering for an Events account on Atelier

In this article will show you how to register for an account on Atelier in order to attend Events


Step 1 - Go to

Step 2 - Click REGISTER


Step 3 - Enter your name, company name and email address


Step 4 - Answer a few additional questions about your business to help identify your business type

Step 5 - Provide a few final items of business information

Step 6 -
 Select which kind of access you require (choose Events access)



Step 6 - check your email to complete registration


Step 7 - Complete registration by entering your company incorporation number* and setting your passphrase

* Italian companies can use Partita IVA
* US companies can use JBT numbers
* All other countries if incorporation number is not available use a trade or government registration number that can be verified on an independent website to prove the business exists